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Vaccinations & Medication


THAILAND: Malaria: For rural areas bordering Cambodia and Myanmar, prophylaxis with Malarone or doxycycline is recommended. For rural areas bordering Laos, either Malarone, doxycycline, or Lariam should be taken.

NEPAL: Malaria: Prophylaxis with Lariam, Malarone, or doxycycline is recommended for ural areas in the Terai and Hill districts at altitudes less than 1200 m (3937 ft).


Hepatitis A - Recommended for all travelers 

Typhoid - Recommended for all travelers 

Japanese encephalitis - For long-term (>1 month) travelers to rural areas or travelers who may engage in extensive unprotected outdoor activities in rural areas, especially after dusk 

Hepatitis B - For travelers who may have intimate contact with local residents, especially if visiting for more than 6 months 

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) - Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given
Tetanus-diphtheria Revaccination recommended every 10 years

Polio - One-time booster recommended for any adult traveler who completed the childhood series but never had polio vaccine as an adult
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